Sunday, July 22, 2007

Whose Will is it Anyway???

This was originally posted on another blog board but it is no longer active. I think it bears reposting.

I clicked on a link the other day. It was an ad that guaranteed results to ‘Retrieve a Lover’ with ‘Powerful Love Spells.’ Wow. They can do that … hmmmmm …. Curious about this one … I went where it led.

I was taken to yet another page that listed a whole menu of love spells, kits and dolls. Now, how easy could that be? Order your poison, à-la-carte … from the ‘Return Your Lover to You’ spell to the nasty ‘Whammy Spell.’ Isn’t that special? These spells promise everything from rendering the object of your obsession totally defenseless against your less than desirable charms to breaking up any couple at will. Shouldn’t everyone keep at least a couple of these beauties on hand … just in case??

Ads like those are a dime a dozen. And there are many people out there that just eat them up. Make ex-lovers dance like puppets on a string. Control them whenever you wish. Forget about free will … let’s just impose our will on whomever we like, whenever we like. To hell with the consequences. What surprised me most though, about this particular ad, was the site on which it was found. It appeared, at first glance, to look like a reputable one. But appearances are deceiving, I guess.

Today we find a society that is so fixated on immediate self-gratification that no one is willing to wait for anything anymore. We want it … we want it now … who cares who it hurts. We can’t be bothered to fix anything; we’d just as soon dispose of it. As a result … we are diluting the very energies we need to be strengthening.

There are many of us who have abilities to manifest, but true knowledge comes through discipline and understanding. And with knowledge comes great responsibility. Spells should never be sold like supermarket rag mags. Rather students need to learn the proper ways to manifest and work with energy. This takes time, dedication and work.

For every action we take, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is a Newtonian principle readily accepted in physics. It should be equally applied to metaphysics. Just because we CAN make something happen … doesn’t mean we should.

I wonder if the poor fools that are conned into parting with their hard-earned money realize, that anyone really qualified to do the work they wish done, simply would not. Those who understand how to manifest, also know the consequences these actions bring. The wise ones won’t unduly attract unnecessary backlash.

However, for those who do choose to purchase spells of the variety mentioned earlier, there are interesting questions to ponder. Who takes on the karma for these actions? The person placing the request? The one performing the rite? And let’s not forget the recipient of all this attention … do they reap extra benefits down the road for having had their free will interfered with? Just a couple of issues to carefully consider.

People need to be aware that energy, regardless of intent or tradition can be compared to electricity. You cannot see it, not easily, but it exists. It is neither right nor wrong; it simply exists in its raw form, with potential for both good and evil. It is what we do with it that matters, and like electricity we can choose to heal or nurture, or we can bring harm or kill. Those that understand its potential are very careful to work within the laws. Those that care more for power and recognition will flaunt their disregard. Something to remember the next time you’re thinking of turning someone on the way you flick a switch.

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