Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can I get another lightbulb? This one's dim ...

Who's brilliant idea was it to bring the likes of Sarah Palin on board? Was it after a particularly rough, drug-induced bender? It's frightening to think that anyone could have been of sound mind while deciding this.

And the mindless, white mob in attendance, applauding her empty rhetoric, had me very frightened indeed. Makes me want to change 'neighbourhoods' as I'm not sure I want HER, or anyone who doesn't see through her, as a neighbour.

For those who are socially and environmentally conscious, have a look at this news story. See if it doesn't make you cringe at the thought of having this woman anywhere near ANY post of responsibility. If you have an open mind, remember hers is closed. And that is scariest of all.

Her whole attitude is one where she feels deserving of accolades ... a Diva, if you will. Blame it on her numbers. Being a number 11 personality, combined with a 6 lifepath can lead to her feeling that hers is the ONLY way. She's astute and can play situations to her favour, but she is not open to new ideas, unless they're her own.

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