Saturday, August 11, 2007

Is it the Flu? Or am I just out of Balance?

Why do we become blocked? Why do we fail to find or keep the relationships we desire? Why do our careers sometimes seem to hit a dead end? Are we just unlucky? Cursed? Is it just “not meant to be”?

Often we plant the seeds of our own failures. We either try to bring the wrong people into our lives, or else we let ourselves be drawn into situations that are not the best for us. Why do we do this?

In order to decipher the more complex patterns and interactions in our lives, we have to break them all down into their component parts. Every situation, relationship, pattern in our life can be defined as an interaction of four basic elemental forces. This is just one system of understanding how we interact with the world and each other, but it is an old one that has been tried, proven, and repeated through from ancient times to the present.

For those of you who think that combinations of just four forces, or energies, could not be complex enough to describe all the different patterns in our love lives, our careers, or our families, let me remind you of one thing. All life on earth is a manifestation of the genetic information stored on DNA. Every gene of every creature on the planet is created by codes built from only four nucleotides.

There are several ways that our lives and energies may be out of balance. We may have too much of one or more of the energies. We may have too little. When we have too much, we may draw to us others that are weak in the areas where we are strong, who need to latch on to us and effectively drain us of our strengths. If we have too little, we can be drawn, consciously or not, to someone who exudes strength in that area, no matter how messed up they are in other parts of their lives.

Even if we achieve something close to a balance in our lives, it is important to understand how and why we are balanced. Those who lack balance may be drawn to those that have it, seeking it for themselves. When a person is truly balanced and AWARE, they can sense the imbalance around them, and have the choice to keep it away, or deal with it. Otherwise, they may be fooled into letting someone into their lives that will upset the fragile balance they have achieved. Imbalance is catching.

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