Sunday, August 26, 2007

Slow Down ... You Move Too Fast!

In today’s fast-paced world, we find time disappearing so quickly many of us are left shaking our heads. We live in a world where fast cars and fast food have taken precedence and disposable no longer describes a product but our attitude to life in general. The more we go, the faster things get -- partly because we are busy, but also because the energy shift that has been occurring in the last few years is causing many of us to feel its effects even more acutely.

In all this zipping around at the speed of life, our bodies and minds need a break from the noise. Our energy becomes diluted and it becomes critical for our well being to replenish what is lost. Meditation is just the tonic we need to recharge. It is essential to help us reconnect with ourselves and with the Divine. And for anyone who works with energy such as healers, intuitives, and mediums, meditation becomes critical and is a prerequisite to achieving depth and permanence in our work.

The purpose of meditation is to shut off the sensations of the world: turning off the frantic vibes assailing us at ever turn. It enables us to focus on the subtleties coming through from the astral and mental planes. But for many of us, our busy, noisy lives make it difficult to clear our minds. The thoughts, stresses and emotions going on all around us make it hard to focus. With practice and determination, however, meditative techniques can become part of our fabric. Being able to call on the peace and serenity that meditation brings can often make a world of difference.

Think, also, of meditation as life insurance, not only in this life but any future incarnations you may have. It is believed, by some, that subsequent generations of your family also benefit from the energy generated when you meditate.

In addition to all the aforementioned benefits, the energy raised in meditation is also known to elevate the vibration on our planet, assisting the earth on all levels. Our environment has never been in more desperate need of healing nor has humanity, as a whole, been in more urgent need of peace and understanding.

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