Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama .. A once-in-a- lifetime leader?? Haven’t had enough of Bush-lite?

I have debated for quite some time whether or not I should post this. After all, I am just a Canadian. What do we know? Some Americans feel we have our heads in the sand, because we do not embrace their views without question. I beg to differ. We just get a far less biased account of the news and, perhaps as a result, can see things more clearly.

It is unfortunate that American reporting is so myopic, but in their defense, the government’s control seems to be all-encompassing. Free speech and human rights seem to be empty words. I urge those wanting to inform themselves and to know what is REALLY going on, to read news from various countries around the world. Thanks to the Internet, there is no longer an excuse to remain ignorant of the facts.

I feel compelled, at this time, to voice my own analysis on the candidates, with a twist. I am an intuitive, and a numerologist, so this may give some of you a bit of a different spin on things. I do not want to put in my two cents without some extra backing. I‘m trying to be a little more ‘objective’ in determining who I think is the best person to effect the drastic change needed at this time. Who is the person who can bring hope to the American people? Who can help them move forward and away from the slime of the Bush years? It is interesting to see how numerology fits the bill. And as I’m fond of saying … numbers never lie.

However, before we can look to the future, we need to glance briefly at the past. Let us take a quick peek, shall we, at the only president in history to come to office with a criminal record. I would like to illustrate how the negative vibration of numbers can be quite devastating. Born July 6, 1946, Bush is a double six. While the number 6 vibration is one of compassion, service and responsibility, it is obvious that George W has severely veered off his path. When the number 6 is under-balanced, we see a lack of truthfulness, lack of order, poor economy, stagnation, manipulation, insensitivity and irresponsibility in someone who is weak-willed, shallow and selfish. How extremely sad, since he had the potential to truly make a difference, if he had only tried.

John McCain … although I am NOT a republican … I will include him as he is obviously on the agenda. He would be unbalanced in power. Being a double 11, and likely not of the 'enlightened' variety, he is most likely the sort that will ignore those around him. There's a strong stubborn attitude. He is also not very open about his real feelings as he tends to keep those below the surface. He reminds me of a cat swishing is tail. You never quite know when he is going to pounce; you don't know if he is joking or for real. There are many things he keeps hidden and for that reason, is not someone who … even if he was a Democrat ... that I could warm up to. Something just does not feel right, and I hope that people do not find out too late what that is.

Barack Obama …. Interesting choice. Seems to be a gregarious fellow, though I believe he is counting on his personality a little too much. But what about his character? You can only keep the polish up for a while, however the flaws end up showing eventually. I see him as being dangerous. The problem is people may not see this until it is too late.. He is a number 4 Leo in a number 4 year … with a number 11 lifepath. A rather edgy combination, and not in a good way. Look for someone who is rather full of his own 'specialness.'

When you highlight this with his inner identity crisis, this is a person who lacks sincerity and endurance. He is not someone who is likely to listen to others, but will go to lengths to prove his ‘rightness’. He is not the most confident on the inside and this is in direct opposition to the fact that he feels entitled. This combination does not inspire great confidence that he would make a good leader. He does not have the experience needed but he ‘thinks’ he can pull it off. He may be in for a rude awakening at the expense of the American people. My fears are that he will win the nomination and possibly the presidency and will fulfill the prophecy of yet another once-in-a-lifetime leader. However, that does not mean it is a good thing.

Hillary Clinton, I left for last. Even if I am not entirely sure where I stand with her, I would not hesitate voting for her. She has more inner resolve than the other two combined. She has compassion, and a creative vision that the other two lack. They are too shortsighted and full of their own prowess. She is actually able to look past the issues and find tangible solutions. In my opinion, she should use the gender card like Obama is using the racial card. People forget that women are still constantly discriminated against. Nothing new there. Should it be made a political issue?

She is a number 8 birth number with a number 3 lifepath. Her numbers show someone who has overcome many obstacles and this has given her strength of character. She is definitely a tough opponent, but one that encompasses the vibration of giving and receiving in balance. A drawback may be that although she can be far-sighted and see the big picture clearly, she may have difficulty getting those around her to see it. It can be a difficult position to be in, however there is a strong creative principle around her, as well as the ability to express herself clearly.

If I take a moment to really allow the energy of the candidates to vibrate honestly, it’s clear, that I feel repelled by the energy I feel coming from McCain and not too sure about Obama. I am a number 11 lifepath, and I know how very difficult that lifepath can be. Maybe it's my own sense of 'specialness' though I know that it is an arduous journey. Most never achieve its potential. I know I struggle with it daily. With this in mind, I strongly feel that Hillary has an energy that best fits with the gigantic task of making desperately needed changes after eight years of corruption and mayhem.

Nonetheless, regardless of any views posted here, my wish is for people to look deep inside to the stillness within and see the truth for themselves. Let that be their guide, not the empty rhetoric the present government forces the media to regurgitate on a daily basis.

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