Monday, September 17, 2007

Karmic Lessons

Ever ask yourself why your life seems so difficult? Or why the lessons you are to learn are so hard? Often, it is a result of karmic debt, as well as the life contract that you made before coming back.

We hear the term karma everywhere. Anything and everything seems to be attributed to it. For some, it is just a saying that they pay no attention to. But as in many things, whether you believe in it or not, karma exists. As we proceed through each lifetime, we are constantly creating karma; we create it with our thoughts and our actions. It is not just an accumulation of debts and credits from past lifetimes, but karma is also based on the actions we undertake in this one. Karmic lessons are sometimes lived out in the same lifetime. Also, if we don’t learn the lessons we need to, we tend to relive them until we finally understand.

If you find yourself burdened with many troubles in this life, you may be suffering from karmic debt. It is important to also mention here, that some individuals have come back as a group - usually a family - where one member has agreed to be the carrier of karmic burdens. We can see this in a family that prospers only to have one individual who is always falling on hard times. Some have very little karma carried over from past lives while others have more than their share.

One method of uncovering your karmic debt is through numerology. If you are living a life that is burdened by karma, you can choose to find out what those lessons are and work through them to heal and release that karma. Past-life readings are another way of finding what lives you lived and what was carried over that needs to be dealt with in this life.

Many times, we have unfounded worries or fears that do not make sense. These are possibly fears of an event that may have occurred in a past-life. An example of this is a car wreck on icy roads. If you died that way in a prior life, it is very possible that you will be terrified of driving on icy roads in this lifetime.

One case of past-life healing is that of a woman who found that she had been part of the Chippewa tribe of Indians. She found that she had been traded to one clan of the tribe from another clan of the same tribe, in exchange for goods. She was traded and used as a slave for the men. This woman has vivid memories of her hands and feet bleeding and sore from constant work. She also remembers being used by many of the men for their satisfaction. She has a persistent memory of the pain and exhaustion that she suffered. This has caused relationship problems in her current life; she has feelings of abandonment and an acute distrust and fear of men. She also suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This has led to much suffering for her in this lifetime. Now that she is aware of why she has these feelings and where they come from, she can begin to heal.

Our past lives are all a part of who we are: who our whole soul is. We carry everything we've learned in each incarnation as we journey through subsequent lives. We may not consciously know about them, however, they are very much a part of who we are.

Past-life readings are fun and can be helpful. They tend to help bring the memories of each lifetime to your conscious mind. This can be extremely healing and answer many questions about your feelings in this lifetime.

Just remember that, as you travel through this lifetime, many of the fears and troubles you are experiencing may not stem from this life. They come from another place and time and are intriguing to learn about.

Find out about your karmic debts and past lives, and learn how to work through them. You may find it helps you better achieve the goals you have set for this life.

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