Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keeping Connection to Spirit Clear

Elemental Balancing is based on the premise that the way we interact with our environment, and each other, is based on the interplay of four basic primary energies. These energy patterns are the same ones that have been attributed to everything from our astrological signs to the base archetypes of Jungian psychology. These energies have been known for a long time. As far back as Classical Greek times, they were categorized and their expressions defined in terms of the four Elements - Air, Water, Fire, and Earth.

Each of these energies must find expression in our lives. Each of them nurtures, or guides, aspects of our personality and human interrelations. When they are in balance, our spirit soars, and we are able to function at our maximum ability. This increases our chances of living happy lives. It doesn't guarantee that our lives will be free of stress or difficulty. It merely means that when trouble rears its head, we can bring the full brunt of our abilities against it with confidence, increasing our chance of overcoming it.

Each of these energies is linked to a particular part of our make up. They affect us singly, and in their interactions with each other. The interplay of these forces can create very complex forms. The subtleties of this interplay are beyond the scope of this article. However, anyone who doubts that four elements can create complexity, remember that our DNA, and that of all life on Earth, is compiled in sequences of genes that are all made up of combinations drawn from four nucleotides. If you can acknowledge the difference between a tiger, a sperm whale, and a rattlesnake, you acknowledge the power in the combination of four.

The energies balance along two axes. Fire primarily balances Water. Air primarily balances Earth. An interesting way to visualize this is as two teeter-totters set at right angles to each other, forming a cross. When a personality is in balance, each of these teeter-totters is nearly level on its own axis. Now, imagine further that you placed beams of wood of equal length on each end of the teeter totters so that they angled inwards and formed a pyramid.

When the energies are in balance, the ends of all these beams would form a small stable base at the top. This is where "spirit" sits. When our energies are in balance, it is easier for us to reach to spirit and thus be in contact with our higher selves. When our energies are seriously out of whack, spirit is having a hard enough time just staying on its seat. As a result, spirit isn't of as much assistance to us as it should.

Speaking of four archetypal energies is wonderful however, it is harder to teach one how to relate to and measure them in a clear and practical manner. Without such an understanding, there is no way for us to alter our balance and improve ourselves. These energies have to be reduced and simplified to a level that we can readily work with. One has to be able to identify what energies are most strongly at work in their lives and personalities before one can determine if they are out of balance. There has to be a way to feel the effect of the rise and fall of each energy so that there can be feedback to any of the changes that are induced.

Once there is a system in place for measuring the prominence of an energy, its balance in relation to the other elements, and means for altering that balance, then Elemental Balancing becomes a tool to foster positive change and growth.

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