Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sometimes we just HAVE to Believe!

It's no secret that I have an opinion on just about anything. I have this strange sense of justice and my nose gets tweaked when I sense something out of place. I rant and rave, but usually in the hopes of highlighting a wrong.

This post is not a rant ... I'm not trying to change someone's opinion. I just feel VERY sad about another type of injustice: suffering. Babies should never suffer.

I've been following the heartbreak of a family lately: a mother who's baby is gravely ill. The story of baby Stellan, and his family, is one of hope and courage and devotion and faith. And though the topic of faith is a very personal one, I know what it is like to be lifted through a critical time.

I have no doubt that her baby will be fine, but this woman's courage in sharing her pain with the world has left me scrambling for words to explain how I feel. I sent her a piece I designed years ago, when I had my own struggle with faith and needed to remember that we are never alone. It helped me to put one foot in front of the other, in the darkness, until I could once again see the light!

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