Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Happens When We Die?

What happens when we die? Where do we go? What does it feel like? It appears that patients, who have been hypnotized and regressed to a previous life, find themselves feeling just as "alive" as they were before their physical death. All their memories, perceptions and feelings continue. Some they carry into their next incarnation. When presented with these findings, we can begin to see our soul's immortality.

Studies conducted on clinical deaths and NDE (near death experience) are showing similar results to those who have undergone past life regressions.

Death is a natural transition from this world to that of Spirit and there appears to be no loss of consciousness. Rather it has been reported that people have an incredible sense of freedom once they have passed. As well, pains, aches, and negative emotions that were present in life seem to disappear once they leave their bodies. There is a sense of lightness and a feeling of well-being.

Many report floating above their bodies and able to view what is going on around them. They are conscious at all times. Some try to contact to those in the room that they are fine. However, they cannot communicate. The energy vibrations change once a person passes and this makes communication difficult.

The freedom they feel envelopes them and they find themselves drawn to a bright, white light. They are greeted by loved ones, who have already passed, as well as the Guides and Angels that have been with them in their present life.

Once a person has passed, they also find their body in perfect shape. It is whole and any flaws they had in life are now gone. They are free of any physical imperfections and look in the peak of health.

There are different stages a soul goes through after death; however depending on the soul’s evolution, the order may vary. This is the state where an accounting of past actions is reviewed. It is similar to a bank where there are credits and debits. After this phase, there is a cleansing of the soul and it is then welcomed into the light.

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